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Steel Buildings For Sale UK – Best Steel Building Suppliers List

Steel Buildings For Sale - Supplier List

Are you looking for steel buildings for sale?

Whether you’re looking to start a brand new project or buy a used steel building, it’s important you have a good understanding of the market and who the best steel building suppliers are.

At Vanguard Steel Buildings, we want our customers to be as informed as possible, even about our competitors, so we’ve compiled a list of steel building companies with solid reputations to help you choose a company that’s right for you.

With that being said – if you’re looking for steel buildings for sale in the UK and want to find the best suppliers – let’s get into it.

Best steel building suppliers in the UK

We’ve developed a reputation for being honest and transparent with our services and we believe in healthy competition, so we’ve put together a list of well-regarded companies that have steel buildings for sale in the UK.

We’ve broken the list into two categories:

  • Suppliers who provide brand-new projects
  • Suppliers who sell used steel buildings

With that in mind, here’s an alphabetical list of reputable companies that sell steel buildings in the UK.

Vanguard Steel Buildings

OK, I know we said alphabetical, but it would be remiss of us not to include ourselves at the top of the list.

Vanguard Steel Buildings is a steel building supplier based in Scotland, UK that’s trying to do things differently. We hear from our customers daily that they find the steel building industry archaic, difficult to deal with and confusing. It’s our goal to change that. To make it fresh, easy and simple to understand (hence why we write articles like these!).

Vanguard Steel Buildings supplies cold rolled steel buildings across the whole of the UK for a variety of different purposes: domestic, commercial and agricultural.

If you’re looking for a steel building supplier that promises to deliver an exceptional service that’s fast, high-quality and competitively priced, get in touch today and we’ll have a quote out to you within a few working hours.

Bonnyholm Steel Buildings

Bonnyholm Steel Buildings provides a cost-effective design & supply of robust quality Cold Rolled Steel Buildings including steel garages and steel sheds. They have 30+ years of experience in architecture, Engineering & Construction. Based in Ayrshire they cover the whole of the UK mainland.

Capital Steel Buildings

Capital Steel Buildings supplies, delivers and erects cold-formed steel buildings nationwide. They have a number of distributors throughout the UK, including a number on this list. Each project from Capital Steel has an assembly guide, making it feasible for a “competent customer to self-erect.”

Graham Heath Construction Ltd

Graham Heath Construction Ltd provides steel frame buildings predominantly to the farming industry. They have been supplying British-made, steel frame buildings to the Agricultural, Industrial and Equestrian industries for over 19 years.

Grampian Steel Buildings

Grampian Steel Buildings designs and supplies cold-formed steel buildings. They supply, deliver and erect prefabricated steel buildings nationwide. They have experience building garages, rural buildings, lean-tos, industrial buildings carports and are involved in construction too.

Highland Steel Buildings

Highland Steel Buildings is an official supplier of Capital Steel Buildings, supplying, delivering and erecting quality steel buildings throughout northern Scotland. They design buildings such as barns, sheds and garages, fully compliant with British Standards.

Kit Buildings Direct

Kit Buildings Direct prides itself on offering a “friendly service on a one-to-one basis”. They supply agricultural and industrial buildings made from UK-manufactured steelwork. Their kit buildings are designed to be safe and secure for housing livestock.

Midbrook Steel Buildings

Midbrook Buildings specialises in designing, fabricating and erecting high-quality steel structures. They work across various sectors, including commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential projects.

Murray Steel Buildings

Murray Steel Buildings supplies and installs agricultural, commercial and industrial steel buildings across the UK. They pride themselves on being a reliable, trustworthy brand whose attention to detail and excellence is second to none.

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Norfolk Steel Buildings

Norfolk Steel Buildings supply and install high-quality steel frame buildings across East Anglia for residential, agricultural, industrial and commercial applications. All of their steel buildings are custom-made to suit their customers specifications, such as steel cladding, personnel doors, roller doors and overhead doors.

Omega Steel Building Solutions Ltd

Omega Steel Buildings are based in the Midlands. They collate all materials directly at their facility in Kidderminster. This allows Omega to ensure all products are present before being sent to site.

OZ-UK Steel Buildings

Keith Alan Limited t/a OZ-UK Steel Buildings is an English company with Australian roots. They have provided a comprehensive turnkey approach to design, planning, manufacturing, supplying and erecting steel buildings and structures since 2004, boasting a long list of very satisfied customers.

Premier Steel Buildings Ltd

Premier Steel Buildings provide different steel buildings for sale from single steel and metal garages that can house various things from cars, vans and household items to steel industrial units that can be used as a business or workshop.

Pyramid Structures Ltd

Pyramid Structures is based in West Yorkshire and was established in 1995 and completes projects throughout the UK. They pride themselves on their attention to detail, communication and ensuring every aspect of the client build is managed smoothly and on time.

Springfield Steel Buildings

Springfield Steel Buildings is based in Yorkshire and provides commercial and industrial steel-framed buildings throughout the UK. They were established in 2005 and provide buildings such as aircraft hangars, prefabricated MOT buildings and storage buildings.

Steel Buildings

Steel Buildings design and build quality steel framed buildings for everyday uses, including industrial, domestic, agricultural and energy industries. All of their steel buildings for sale are cold-rolled steel.

Thistle Steel

Thistle Steel is a family business with over 30 years of experience in the industry. They supply both cold-rolled and hot-rolled buildings for industrial, domestic, agricultural and aquaculture buildings.

Wedgewood Steel Buildings

Wedgewood Steel Buildings is a supplier of industrial, agricultural and commercial hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel framed buildings, varying from 5m to 50m in width. Founded in 2016, they have quickly established themselves as a reputable and reliable provider of steel building solutions for a wide range of applications.

Yorkshire Steel Buildings

Yorkshire Steel Buildings supplies and erects steel portal framed buildings for Agricultural, Industrial, Equestrian & Domestic markets. They specialise in providing quality buildings with their customers’ requirements central to all they do. They operate in the North of England

Used steel buildings for sale UK

When buying a steel framed building, we would always suggest using a supplier who can design, supply and install a brand new building. Every project has different requirements due to things such as snow load, wind, location and surrounding area. The best steel building suppliers will take all of that into account and design you a building that’ll last the test of time.

However, we understand that budget is an important factor. And so, occasionally we hear from customers who want a used steel building to save on cost. This would typically be a building that someone has and no longer needs or a building that has been dismantled.

Like above, we will list below the best places you can find used steel buildings for sale in the UK.

A1 Steel Buildings

A1 Steel Buildings Limited have a full page on its website dedicated to used steel buildings for sale. They are used steel building specialists. Working for a wide range of Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural Clients, they have built a sound reputation for excellence in used steel-framed buildings at a cost-effective price.

B&H Buildings Ltd

B&H Buildings Ltd, based in Hull, regularly have re-used steel building frames for sale. Large spans, complete with galvanised roof purlins and side rails. They offer a ‘full build’ service re-built as new, on your site, or a ‘frame only’ option loaded onto your transport.

J Dalby & Son Ltd

J Dalby & Son Ltd provide a service where they dismantle existing steel framed structures. They then transport across the country, re-erecting the used steel building in its new location anywhere in the UK. They also buy and sell steel buildings, usually having several buildings on their books at any one time.

Portal Power

Portal Power are suppliers of new and pre-used steel buildings. Based in Stowmarket, UK, they say their pre-used steel buildings “offer customers the most cost-effective solution for projects and cater to a wide array of applications.”

If you can find a supplier that fits your requirements, it’s worth having a look at websites such as Facebook Marketplace, for-sale.co.uk, iemuk.com, Gumtree or eBay. Often these sites will have used steel buildings for sale. Just make sure you fully understand the quality and condition of the used buildings you’re purchasing before you hand over any money.

The Vanguard Steel Buildings Difference

As we’ve mentioned above, we’re never one to shy away from competition, but we believe strongly in our commitment to providing the best building quality, best service and best price.

If you’re looking for a new or used steel framed building for sale, we hope this UK list of suppliers will help you make the right decision.

Regardless of who you choose, we’d love to be one of the companies you contact for a quote. We hope you’ll quickly see why so many people have chosen us as their supplier.

Request a quote and our design team will be in touch with your quote within just a few working hours.


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