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What Are Cold Rolled Steel Buildings?

Cold Rolled Steel Buildings

As you start the search for a steel building supplier, you’ll likely come across terms such as “cold rolled steel buildings” or “cold rolled steel framed buildings”. But what exactly does the “cold” part mean?

Essentially, these terms describe a specific way the steel is made, which is important to know because different types of steel are better suited for different buildings.

In this article, we’ll explore everything about cold-rolled steel. We’ll see how it differs from other types of steel, like hot rolled steel, understand what kinds of buildings use it, and discover its benefits.

What are cold rolled steel buildings?

When searching for a steel building, there are only two types of steel building you’ll come across: hot rolled and cold rolled. The difference between the two comes down to the temperature at which the steel is rolled during the manufacturing process.

To explain what cold rolled steel is, it’s easier to first explain what hot rolled is.

Hot rolled steel is heated to around 926 degrees celsius and then rolled through the mill into the desired shape. The shape of hot rolled steel can often change as it is cooled.

Cold rolling steel is heated, cooled down to room temperature and then rolled again. The result is a stronger product that doesn’t alter in shape and won’t break as easily as hot rolled.

Even though according to the World Steel Association, there are over 3,500 variations of steel, cold rolled steel has dominated the construction market for decades (and will continue to do so) because of its versatility.

Cold rolled steel frame buildings are simply steel buildings that are constructed using cold rolled steel.

Cold rolled vs hot rolled steel buildings: what should you use?

What are cold rolled steel buildings? Cold rolled vs hot rolled

When deciding between a cold-rolled or hot-rolled steel building, it’s crucial to consider the specific needs and constraints of your project.

Hot rolled steel is traditionally favoured for larger clear-span buildings, especially in scenarios where the building needs to support heavy equipment like gantry cranes or store bulk materials. The sections of hot rolled steel are generally thicker and heavier, providing the necessary strength and durability for such demanding applications.

This structural robustness makes hot rolled steel an ideal choice for buildings where high load-bearing capacity is a key requirement.

Cold rolled steel, known for its precision, strength, and lighter weight, is dominating the market for almost all types of steel buildings.

It’s particularly suitable for smaller to medium-sized buildings where the precision of dimensions and a more aesthetically pleasing finish are important. Additionally, the lighter weight of cold rolled steel can reduce transportation and assembly costs, making it a cost-effective option for certain projects.

Ultimately, the choice between cold rolled and hot rolled steel buildings depends on the specific requirements of your project. For heavy-duty applications with large spans and high load requirements, hot rolled steel might be the better choice.

On the other hand, for projects that prioritise precision, cost-effectiveness, and a cleaner aesthetic, cold rolled steel will be the best option.

At Vanguard Steel Buildings, we specialise in providing cold rolled steel framed buildings to customers across the whole of the UK. In 99% of cases, cold rolled steel is the best option for people who enquire with us. However, we can also supply hot rolled where required.

What are cold rolled steel buildings used for?

There are lots of different types of steel buildings. Cold rolled steel buildings are used for a variety of different purposes, such as:

  • Agricultural Buildings
  • Building Extensions
  • Storage Warehouses
  • Residential Garages
  • Personal Workshops
  • Home Offices and Studios
  • Stables
  • Carports and Shelters
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Retail Storefronts
  • Sports and Recreational Facilities
  • Light Industrial Plants
  • Manufacturing Units
  • Exhibition Halls
  • Commercial Premises

In short, if you are looking for a steel building in the UK, we can almost guarantee a cold rolled building will be the perfect fit.

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Benefits of cold rolled steel buildings

There are lots of benefits to using cold-rolled steel. This is why over the last couple of decades we have seen its popularity in the construction industry grow massively.

  • High strength-to-weight ratio: Cold rolled steel offers excellent strength while being lightweight, making it suitable for modern construction.
  • Cost-effective: Because of its strength-to-weight ratio, it’s incredibly cost-effective. Less steel is required because of its strength and you’ll save on things like transportation costs due to its lightweight.
  • Lighter foundations required: Due to their lighter frame weight, cold-rolled steel frames require less extensive foundations, which is advantageous for challenging terrain and cost-effectiveness.
  • Sustainability: Cold rolled steel building systems have been recognised for their economic and environmental sustainability.
  • Ease and speed of installation: The framing of cold-formed steel buildings is not only strong and non-combustible but also easy and quick to install.
  • Precise manufacturing: Cold rolled steel is cut and shaped with tight tolerances, reducing cost and waste in manufacturing.
  • Galvanised finish: Provides rust protection without needing additional treatments, ensuring longevity and reducing maintenance
  • Flexibility in design: Offers design flexibility for future expansions and adaptations to specific business needs
  • Durability: Cold-rolled steel is resistant to corrosion, mould, vermin, and various environmental conditions. They are designed to withstand extreme conditions.

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Hopefully, you now have a good understanding of what the industry means when it comes to “cold rolled” steel buildings.

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